The date of the first charity karting competition is already known – 17th April 2019, at Sofia Karting Ring at 19:00h.

All karting fans could join and promote the karting tournament organised by DevStyleR and the #SpoDari initiative to help Children with Oncohematological Diseases Association. In addition to the pleasant moments on the track, where the Karting Champion among IT companies would be presented, the participants would also support the cause of organising sports camps for children with oncohematological diseases and their preparation for the annual “Games for Champions” in Russia.

The event would take place in several stages: master driving of country rally champions, strategies for successful and trouble-free driving, both on the track and on the road, and a real Le Mans kart race. (In French: 24 Heures du Mans).

Prominent car racers would be mentors of the teams and would help in building a successful strategy for the competition.

The teams would receive detailed safety instructions and clarification of the rules, and a qualification for starting positions would follow. The actual race would last for about 60 minutes, during which the teams would have a 4-minutes window for each change of pilot. Each team has to decide when to change the pilot on the karting route and which pilot on which relay race to be.

Participation is limited. Up to 12 teams would be accepted and each team would have 4 to 6 pilots.

Prizes, sports cups and medals would be awarded, and there would be lots of surprises for the participants and winners.

To enroll your team, please contact us at: [email protected]

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