Conrad Kordowski, former head of the investment team at Slush and investment analyst at Innovation Nest, has reviewed more than 1,400 venture investment jobs advertised through 2022 and found that when it comes to venture investment jobs, London and Berlin are the most in-demand locations, reports.

There are 135 vacancies in Berlin and 118 in London, with just over half of all vacancies in both capitals. Munich and Paris rank third and fourth respectively, Zurich 12 positions, Frankfurt 11, Stockholm and Amsterdam 8 and Barcelona and Cologne complete the top 10 with 7 positions.

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the US accounts for 55.7% of all vacancies in the VC world, with Germany, the UK and France taking the No. 2, 3 and 4 spots. And Australia ranks fifth with 35 jobs on offer, despite its domestic VC market being just 10% of Europe’s in terms of funding in Q4 2022.

The job market over the past year was filled with junior (intern and/or analyst) and mid-level (associate/investment manager) opportunities, which accounted for 38.6% and 43.1%, respectively. Senior level positions (director/partner), the venture capital job market in 2022 saw only 18.3% of positions advertised or available.

Kordowski also notes that the high percentage of entry-level positions “may be due to the high turnover of such opportunities, with some venture capital firms often hiring new interns or analysts every 3-6 months.”

“Due to the private nature of some hiring processes in VC, it was not possible to gather information from every VC firm.”

he said

Kordovsky’s data includes 1,407 job postings from 805 venture capital firms in 35 countries that are posted on two publicly available venture capital-related job boards, Startup&VC and John Gannon Blog.

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