Do you feel stressed during the working day? Taking a leadership position is a responsible task and even more so in the tech industry. Amidst the greatest innovations in the fastest growing world, constant learning and upgrading is an inevitable and imperative process, which is also one of the key requirements to stay in the market as a quality employee.

All this, combined with being in charge of everything and being the leader of a team of colourful people with different personalities becomes an extremely difficult task.

The stress of it all can lead to many negative consequences, such as reduced productivity, poor decision-making, poor work-life balance and even health problems. But there is always a solution. And today, we’ve chosen to introduce you to different ways tech leaders like to relax, according to Insight Global.

Top Ways Tech Leaders Take a Break

Prepare the day before
Before you leave the office for the day, take a few minutes to assess the day ahead. What are your top priorities? When are your meetings? Create a to-do list based on your schedule and projects. This will help release work stress from your brain because you know everything is written down and planned.

Morning routine
When you wake up, don’t immediately check your phone for anything. Social media can be a distraction, and then you end up rushing so you’re not late. Office emails can immediately raise your stress levels when you’ve barely woken up. None of this will help you start your morning off right. Your morning routine can include a short meditation, a quick workout, a healthy breakfast, or anything else that helps you start the day.

Don’t forget the short breaks during the day
It’s important to take breaks during the day, even if you only have a few minutes. This will help you refresh and recharge so you can keep working efficiently. Don’t underestimate the importance of taking a break. If you love your job, remember that to be productive you need to give yourself a minute to breathe every now and then.

Don’t forget to get moving
Don’t be stuck in one place for a long time. If you work from an office, short walks are a must. This will get your blood flowing and improve your mood.

Nature – how important it is
Try to take your breaks outside, whether it’s a quick walk or a casual lunch. The fresh air and sunshine can wake you up and get you unfocused, so you return to work more focused and relaxed. And on weekends, don’t miss out on recharging nature walks. Believe me, it’s the best anti-stress medicine.

More healthy food
A balanced lunch and small healthy snacks during the day can help you maintain your energy and mental focus. Keep snacks like nuts and fruit on your desk so it’s easy to choose healthy foods.

Water, Water, Water
Dehydration can lead to too much fatigue and irritability, so be sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Do you find it difficult to drink plain water? Try flavoring your water with fruit or herbs or drink seltzer water.

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