Intel has announced the oneAPI tools that are available in the Intel Developer Cloud. The new oneAPI 2023 tools support the upcoming 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Xeon CPU Max series, and Intel Data Center GPUs, including the Flex and Max series.

The tools provide performance and productivity improvements and also add support for the new Codeplay1 plugins, which make it easier for developers to write SYCL code for non-Intel graphics architectures. They also provide a choice of hardware and facilitate the development of high-performance applications that run on multi-architecture systems.

“We’re seeing encouraging early application performance results on our development systems using Intel Max Series GPU accelerators – applications built with Intel’s oneAPI compilers and libraries. For leadership-class computational science, we value the benefits of code portability from multivendor, multiarchitecture programming standards such as SYCL and Python AI frameworks such as PyTorch, accelerated by Intel libraries. We look forward to the first exascale scientific discoveries from these technologies on the Aurora system next year”,

said Timothy Williams, deputy director, Argonne Computational Science Division.

Intel’s 2023 developer tools include a comprehensive set of the latest compilers and libraries, analysis and porting tools, and optimized artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning frameworks to build high-performance, multiarchitecture applications for CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs, powered by oneAPI. The tools enable developers to quickly meet performance objectives and save time by using a single codebase, allowing more time for innovation.

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