The Biden administration has formed a special panel to investigate key national cybersecurity failures, and it will investigate the recently discovered Log4j internet bug as its first case, reporters said.

The new Cybersecurity Review Board will include senior administration officials and private sector experts, who are tasked with reviewing significant cybersecurity events that affect government, business, and critical infrastructure said The Wall Street Journal in an article. The Board will issue reports on safety findings and recommendations.

According to officials, the board is loosely modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board. The panel’s authority stems from an executive order President Biden signed in May to improve federal cybersecurity defenses.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas noted in an interview that the cyber council was meant to find solutions to future problems from past cybersecurity crises, rather than blaming identified shortcomings.

The panel will be chaired by Rob Silvers, DHS undersecretary for policy, and an experienced cybersecurity attorney, Heather Adkins, Senior Director of Security Engineering at Alphabet Inc. Google was named vice president. Mayorkas further commented:

“It’s not a regulatory authority, it’s not a board that seeks or focuses on responsibility or fault. We’re going to look at each other, we’re going to look at each other, and that really underlines the point of this board: not to focus on the foul.”

Mr. Silvers also commented that the board expects to complete its investigation of vulnerabilities in the open-source software logging tool Log4j by May.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International