There are always moments in which we feel worried and depressed. Sadly, this negatively affects our mental health and leads to an even more negative sense of self-worth.

It is true that communication with the computers can be pretty difficult sometimes. Not to mention the global pandemic and the lack of people around us. 

Here are some tips that developers can use to overcome burnouts. 

1. Don’t forget to track your progress

Every developer learns at least a couple of new things during a day at work. Despite this fact, it is easy to dismiss the progress you have made and the successes you have achieved. But if you only open your two-month-ago-code, you will understand how far you are now compared to you in the past.

2. Learn to recognise your achievements

Once you understand how much you’ve accomplished, you need to observe your progress and also acknowledge them as an achievement. There are many different tools suitable for this case. Some developers prefer tests; some choose a blog or a daily log to track what they learned. No matter what the tool is – the most important thing is to help you.

3. Adopt a flexible mindset

Adopting a growth mindset makes you less afraid of making mistakes, which helps reduce perfectionistic tendencies. It enables you to spend more time learning and practicing as you are not desperately trying to avoid the discomfort of being wrong.

Everyone experiences burnout in different circumstances, and fixing them requires a change of those circumstances. So, the first step here is to realise what are the problems that make you feel this way.

Communication is one of the keys. So if you’re a developer and you are experiencing burnout, make your troubles show. Talk to your manager, talk to colleagues, talk to family or friends, or talk to a therapist if you need it.

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