, the premier provider of AI-driven software delivery solutions designed for enterprise use, has unveiled Denali, its most recent release of the AI-powered DevSecOps platform.

With this platform, businesses can tap into the capabilities of AI while adeptly managing the intricate challenges that organizations must conquer to deliver top-tier, secure software on a large scale.

“As companies embark on their AI adoption journey, we are seeing exponential improvements in application development. But with the vast adoption of AI code-assist tools, the question becomes, can DevSecOps processes, teams, and tools keep up with developer improvements? Businesses need to support an enhanced developer experience while overcoming roadblocks in their release pipelines, toolchains and security challenges. We have designed Denali to empower teams at every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), helping to align developer outcomes with business strategy and accelerate innovation throughout the enterprise”, said Derek Holt, CEO of

Denali guarantees seamless compatibility with the latest operating systems and development frameworks, elevating the performance of critical applications to new heights. Organizations can harness the potential of AI for enhanced automation of software delivery, effectively orchestrating and governing code originating from AI-assisted development. Moreover, it provides invaluable insights throughout each stage of the software delivery process, saving developers precious time and improving their access to knowledge.

“Our partnership with is focused on enabling secure digital transformation at leading
financial services companies. Ongoing R&D is crucial for us, and continually reinvests in their solution so that together, we can meet the fast-evolving needs of banking customers and help them deliver innovative applications that work for their customers. The new ARM Protection feature is an example of how makes application protection significantly easier while also eliminating extra steps”, said Jhonny Telles, Leadcomm’s Director of Digital Transformation.

Denali introduces a host of enhancements, including self-guided workflows, templates, and best
practices, streamlining processes and fostering alignment with quantifiable objectives. Furthermore, Denali extends its support for cloud-native application development and boasts enhanced integrations with prominent platforms like Terraform by HashiCorp, Azure Biceps, Azure Key Vault, and AWS Secret Manager.

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