The TECH industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and technology is taking up an increasingly large and significant part of our daily lives. Whichever way we turn, we are surrounded by devices that we use all the time and even life without them seems unthinkable. With this, we are also seeing the penetration of software into every aspect of our daily lives. That is why today the importance of ensuring its reliability, functionality and user satisfaction and quality has never been more important.

Through the lens of cinema, today we’ll look at Software Testing not only as an important aspect of the #tech world, but also as a cinematic art that influences anyone who chooses to take the QA path of professional development, look beyond the digital landscape typical of the average viewer.

Movies are a good choice for an educational tool with an entertaining nature that combines the useful with the enjoyable, and helps you not only acquire new knowledge, but also remember it easier and faster.

Today we present you a list of TOP 3 Software Testing movies suitable for every future and current QA engineer.


The movie is about a super talented webmaster hacker on an illegal cyber domain on the dark web.

The movie is exciting to watch as there are many transformations in it. At one point you are watching a webmaster with VR goggles. And the next moment it’s either a chase, a party, or someone trying to survive in cyberspace.

Webmaster is one of those films that explores the quality assurance of software that needs to be done early on. This is important to avoid hacker attacks and downtime.

The film shows programmers the importance of not underestimating the testing of all software to avoid hacking.

Who Am I? No System Is Safe

Critics rate this film as one of the best software testing films you can find. The film tells the story of a group of hackers who have one goal – to become famous around the world for their hacking skills.

“Who Am I” is a film that follows an interview with a hacker who talks about his life journey. The film briefly raises the issue of concept testing in popular films in a peculiar way, introducing viewers to the strong presence of hackers in the digital space.

Many of these hackers see this work as a profession in which they should thrive, and many also have ambitions to gain popularity by causing harm and damage to online businesses.

This is one of the best hacker-themed movies, with themes like Darknet, IRC Windows, and more at its center. The movie indirectly tells the world that every online software product needs proper testing for best protection.

Ex Machina

The film Ex Machina focuses on the wonders of artificial intelligence. It gives a fresher and different take on the exhausted science fiction formula of artificial intelligence turned evil. The film takes us into a world where tech experts are testing AI software in its ability to work like humans.

Ex Machina goes deeper than focusing between the fake and the real, and that makes it one of the best thought-provoking testing films. Ex Machina sends a strong message to the audience, which is to be careful what they “say to their computer.”

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