Based on the Universal Scene Description (USD) framework, the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, which enables metaverse application development, expands with enhancements for Blender and a new set of experimental generative AI tools for 3D artists.

Whether it’s creating realistic digital humans that can express raw emotions or building immersive virtual worlds, those working in design, engineering, creative, and other industries around the world are reaching new heights through 3D workflows.

Animators, artists and developers can use new AI tools to reimagine 3D environments, simulations and the metaverse – the 3D evolution of the internet.

In addition, a new version for Blender, now available in Omniverse Launcher, provides 3D generative AI capabilities to users. A new panel allows users to easily transfer key shapes and rigged characters. The challenge of reattaching a rigged character’s head can now be solved with a one-button operation from Omniverse Audio2Face, an AI tool that automatically generates realistic facial expressions from an audio file.

AI-powered authoring tools are expanding to even more communities of creative and technical professionals. When NVIDIA Canvas was introduced, it enabled artists to seamlessly generate landscapes and iterate them with simple brush strokes and AI. Soon, all RTX users will be able to download an update to Canvas that introduces 360 surround imaging for creating and conceptualizing panoramic environments and beautiful imagery. AI ToyBox, which includes extensions derived from NVIDIA Research, allows creators to generate 3D meshes from 2D input data.

Omniverse’s powerful AI tools simplify complex tasks. Creators of all levels can take advantage of these resources to produce high-quality deliverables that meet the growing demands for content and virtual worlds in the metaverse.

“The demand for 3D skills is growing at breakneck speed, but learning 3D can be quite intimidating for some and definitely time consuming. But these new platform developments not only allow creatives and technical professionals to continue working with their favorite 3D tools, but also to build on their skills and even use artificial intelligence to assist them in their workflows.”

Said Jay Solina, aka JSFilmz.

Creatives can download NVIDIA Omniverse for free, submit their work to the NVIDIA Omniverse gallery, and find resources via Forums, Medium, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Discord.

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