Building a successful product requires a lot of hard work, especially in the sphere of technologies. That’s why team work is of great importance. Software engineers have to collaborate with business teams in order to create a product of good quality. Each team has different tasks to perform and uses different tools.

On one hand, business teams use task management tools – online task management tools like Asana and Trello can help you stay on top of your to-do lists, project progress, and calendars. They use collaborative tools so everyone the your team knows what’s been done, what’s outstanding, and who has been assigned to the task. Social Media Scheduling Tools are also of great help to business workers. For example, Buffer and HootSuite allow you to schedule posts to go out on the desired dates and times, without setting foot on the actual social media sites themselves, avoiding that distraction, as well as pump out your promotions right when you want them so you can grow your business. Setting up meetings can mean lots of emailing back and forth to find a mutually agreed upon time. Scheduling tools like Calendly and Acuity can help automate the process of setting up meetings.

On the other hand, tech teams use many kinds of tools to help them perform their tasks, such as collaboration tools, thanks to which the members of each team communicate with each other. For example, Microsoft teams. They also use project management tools like Microsoft project and Workfront, document co-creation tools that allow you to chat in real-time with your team members, like Skype. Scheduling tools are very important not only for business workers, but for software developers as well. Some of the most used scheduling tools are Doodle and ScheduleOnce.

What’s principal in the collaboration between business and software teams is open communication with each of the sides and focusing on building a great product together. This might seem like a simple task to perform, but, in fact, it can be very difficult. Gathering people in a group and making them create and innovate things is not quite easy, but with the right approach and patience, by making sure that each team is updated and involved in the process, the both the business and software teams will eventually learn how to work better together. One of the most important “rules” to follow is to measure the teams by their results, not by the time they spend in the office. Both the software and business team can have a parallel set of goals to guide each other and move forward.

Tools like Asana, Trello and GitHub are all useful tools, which the tech team can use to manage their work. These can all be visible online, and similar to Google’s OKR (Objectives and Key Results), will help to guide both the software and business team forward.

To conclude, with the right approach to each worker, with open communication, and of course, the right tools – great success can be achieved and products of good quality can be created.

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