Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Graph Toolkit v4.0. It includes developer enhancements and bug fixes that will be appreciated by end users.

Microsoft Graph Toolkit users can now directly edit items, view colleagues’ presence and profiles, and take advantage of the general availability of search components, which are now fully supported.

These updates are intended to improve tasks and interactions across the Microsoft ecosystem.

One notable enhancement is the adoption of the latest version of the underlying Lit framework, which introduces asynchronous rendering. This update enables components to more effectively manage their state, reducing unnecessary re-rendering. As a result, memory usage and processing cycles are optimized for the entire webpage.

Another improvement is the introduction of registration of toolkit components. This method ensures that only the components that are actively used in a project are included in the final package, significantly reducing its size. This approach not only cuts unnecessary bulk from applications, but also improves load times and overall performance.

Microsoft urges new users to discover the toolkit’s capabilities by utilizing its extensive documentation and introductory guides.

What is Microsoft Graph Toolkit?

Microsoft Graph Toolkit is a universal collection of framework-agnostic components and certificate providers designed for seamless integration with Microsoft Graph, which is a platform for connecting various Microsoft 365 services and data. These components are customizable, function in a ready-to-use form, and are compatible with any web framework and modern browsers.

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