Altova has recently introduced the latest iteration, Version 2024, of its comprehensive suite of desktop developer tools, server software, and regulatory solutions, featuring a range of important new features.

“We are excited to announce AI integration in multiple products to enhance developer productivity and creativity. At the same time, we’ve added one of the most-often requested features to MapForce, which is support for PDF. The new MapForce PDF Extractor will be a game changer for unlocking the volumes of data previously trapped in PDF documents and accessing it for use in data integration and ETL processes”, said Alexander Falk, president and CEO of Altova.

Altova announced the latest additions to its product line, featuring cutting-edge AI capabilities that promise to redefine the landscape of XML, JSON development, and database management. Among these innovations, the spotlight shines on the AI Assistant integrated into XMLSpy, a feature designed to significantly boost productivity.

The AI Assistant in XMLSpy streamlining XML and JSON development by effortlessly generating schemas, instance documents, and sample data through intuitive natural language prompts.

XMLSpy can also produce XSL, XPath, and XQuery code. Users have the flexibility to copy generated code, open it in a new document, or send it to the XPath/XQuery window for further tweaking and examination.

In DatabaseSpy, Altova introduces AI integration that augments the database management experience. The AI Assistant within DatabaseSpy equips users with the ability to effortlessly generate SQL statements, sample data, and table relations. Additionally, AI extensions empower users to explain, format, and complete SQL statements with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Further enhancements include the MapForce PDF Extractor, a visual utility that simplifies the definition of a PDF document’s structure and streamlines data extraction. In StyleVision, the new Split output preview feature for XML and database report design provides users with a comprehensive view of their output in side-by-side panels, further enhancing the development process.

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