NVIDIA has announced a new version of its NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite to support enterprises worldwide across a wide range of domain- and industry-specific workloads.

The idea for NVIDIA AI Enterprise was born out of the fact that many companies are planning to use artificial intelligence and accelerated computing to drive growth and save costs at the same time.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 will introduce workflows for intelligent virtual assistants in contact centers, audio transcription, and digital fingerprinting for cybersecurity – some of the most common enterprise applications that leverage AI for the sake of better customer service.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 expands support for more than 50 NVIDIA AI software frameworks and pretrained models available on the NVIDIA NGC software catalog, supercharging and simplifying AI deployments for organizations globally.

Why are new NVIDIA AI Enterprise workflows accelerating companies success? 

The latest release of a cloud-based artificial intelligence software suite enables organizations to solve business challenges while increasing operational efficiency. It accelerates the data science pipeline and streamlines the development and deployment of AI models to automate core processes and gain insights from data quickly.

The NVIDIA contact center intelligent virtual assistant AI workflow enables enterprises to respond to customers around the clock to reduce wait times and free up time for human contact center agents to support more complex inquiries — all while reducing costs.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 also features unencrypted pretrained models and source code from the latest release of NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, a low-code AI development solution for creating highly accurate, customized, production-ready AI models for speech and computer vision AI applications.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 3.0 also introduces support for a broad range of NVIDIA AI frameworks and infrastructure options related to improving healthcare, NVIDIA AI frameworks to improve customer service, safety, sales, expanded cloud certification, expanded AI support for hybrid data centers, and expanded support for storage and virtualization.

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