Amazon is releasing a new data management service to enable collaboration on data between different areas of an organization.The service, named Amazon DataZone, facilitates the seamless cataloging, discovery, analysis, sharing, and governance of data, promoting efficient interactions between data creators and users.

Under this system, data producers contribute structured data assets to the data catalog, subsequently allowing consumers to subscribe to these assets and share them with fellow collaborators, thereby fostering a more interconnected and cooperative data environment.

“Every enterprise is made up of multiple teams that own and use data across a variety of data stores. Data people have to pull this data together but do not have an easy way to access or even have visibility to this data. DataZone provides a unified environment where everyone in an organization – from data producers to consumers, can access and share data in a governed manner”, said Shikha Verma, head of product for Amazon DataZone.

In addition, users have the capability to establish data projects and environments, further enhancing their data management experience. These projects serve as a means to organize individuals, data resources, and analytical tools according to specific use cases, creating a structured framework for collaboration. Environments play a pivotal role in this ecosystem, serving as the fundamental building blocks that grant users access to the necessary tools and data resources for both data production and consumption.

Amazon DataZone also incorporates predefined workflows that streamline the processes of governance and access control. In the event a consumer initiates a data access request, the owner of the data will be prompted to review and approve the request. Subsequently, Amazon DataZone takes on the responsibility of facilitating access, adhering to the permissions previously established for the data repository.

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