Google has officially launched Duet AI for Developers, a specialized implementation catering specifically to developers. This release opens up access to the powerful conversational AI service, Duet AI, for developers looking to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their applications.

Duet AI for Developers presents an AI-powered coding assistance tool seamlessly integrated into your Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This tool empowers developers with features such as code completion, code generation, chat functionality, and Smart Actions—streamlining tasks through one-click shortcuts for repetitive actions, including the creation of unit tests and code explanations.

Compatible with various widely-used Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Cloud Shell Editor, Cloud Workstations, IntelliJ, PyCharm, and Visual Studio Code, this ensures that developers can maintain their flow state. Seroter highlights that this capability allows developers to access all necessary information and assistance seamlessly within their chosen IDE, eliminating the need to switch platforms.

“What I would usually have done as a developer when I start building stuff, because I have the memory of a goldfish at this point, I don’t remember anything, so what do I do? I jump to search results, I jump to Stack Overflow, I troll for blogs, I’m watching a video, I’m doing whatever. And I’m breaking my flow all the time. And so with this, if I can keep you in a flow state longer, everybody wins. And so here I can stay in my IDE and get good answers and get trusted answers and get back to work. I haven’t broken flow”, said Richard Seroter, chief evangelist at Google Cloud.

Currently, it caters to a diverse range of programming languages, surpassing 20, such as C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Google has successfully collaborated with more than 25 industry partners, including Confluent, Datadog, HashiCorp, JetBrains, and MongoDB, to enhance the solution with integrations and features.

Additionally, the company announced a forthcoming upgrade for all Duet AI services to leverage Gemini in the next few weeks.

To encourage adoption, Duet AI for Developers will be available for free until February 1, 2024, after which it will transition to a subscription-based model.

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