Jacek has been working in the IT industry for 6 years. Starting from testing, he went through business analysis and until today, he develops his skills programming in Java. Along the way, he had short episodes in User Experience, and once trained people in databases and application execution processes in Java. He was also part of the Java2Days conference in December last year.

Mr. Bosiacki, this is your first conference in 2021 and the first ever virtual edition of the Java2Days conference. What do you think about this virtual experience? 

I think the biggest issue is that I can’t see the audience. I can’t notice if they are bored so I can change the topic or even skip that part of the material because it is not something that they are interested in, or ask them some questions. I think the contact with the audience is feeling much better when you are doing it face-to-face. The only thing you can do now is look at the chat to check if there are some questions or if people are talking about something, which can be kind of a distraction during the presentation and quite disturbing.

But from the opposite side, I think it was really good that no one was talking in the background, no one was walking around the room and that we can just focus on the presentation and do what we have to do. Everything has advantages and disadvantages.

You are working for DataArt, can you tell us more about your working process and your job there?

I have been working there for about one year and I am still on the same project. It is for an e-commerce company. We are 6 people on the team plus the product owner and I think everyone had a really good and solid experience before joining. Working in this team is really awesome because everyone knows their job and also people don’t hesitate to ask for help, or to explain something because we all know that nobody in the project knows everything. The culture is awesome, we like to make jokes, maybe not now though, because we are working remotely, however even during these hard times we made some online meetings after work just to have some fun or just have some private talks, not about work and projects.

And what about your lecture at the conference. It was about “How to write code efficiently?” Can you describe to our readers, who couldn’t attend the lecture, what are the most efficient ways in writing code, are there any secrets? 

I think that the most important thing is to make the good behaviors into habits, to make them automatic. To achieve that you have to keep in mind  that during coding you always develop and grow your skills. So be open to new things and just try to do your business. Automate some aspects during your daily work because I think it is the best way to incorporate your habits into your work.

And are there any common mistakes that we should try to avoid?

I think that most of the mistakes being made during coding is that people don’t like to stop their work to Google something and try to incorporate it into their work later. I think it is not a problem that in the beginning you are slower because you are looking for the information but as time goes on it is much more efficient. So right now you will lose like 15 minutes but in half an year you will be better.

So you’re saying that the best way is to work step by step until you gain enough experience. And what are your predictions for 2021? Are we going to experience something new and huge in the tech world?

I think that right now the biggest hype is about the Apple M1 chip. It works really efficiently so I think that this might also cause more programmers to migrate to Apple devices and also this might cause more coding to become Apple-dedicated. I don’t think that in the programming languages there will be big change because I think we have a really stable market with well known technologies. Maybe the biggest change was when the classic object-oriented programming language incorporated the Lambda expression and functional coding because it made some things more efficient. I think most of the changes will be hardware which will allow us to make our work better. With the software I think there were some revolutions in the past few years and now it is a bit more calm.

Thank you so much for your time and for attending the conference. Wish you all the best!

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