Paris-based startup Primo has raised $3.4 million in seed stage funding, aiming to solve IT problems affecting small and medium-sized enterprises, tech eu reports. The company will use most of the capital to expand its engineering team and provide answers to all possible queries related to IT issues, including application management, devices, security and even people.

The company’s idea is backed by Headline and Global Founders Capital, as well as a stellar list of angel investors including Arthur Waller (founder of Pennylane) and others.

The startup’s desire is to solve an old problem that too often companies don’t even notice or consider until it becomes a real challenge: IT services and their management. Much of the “technical support” falls into the hands of engineers and/or developers, and this is far from the best use of their skills, energy and time.

“Consider the current process for onboarding a new hire. First, you buy a laptop from Apple. Plus keyboard, mouse, and screen from Amazon. Then manually add the employee to your HR software, the “fleet tracking” spreadsheet, the outsourced device management system (MDM) of choice, and so on. This means inconsistencies, overwork, and loads of admin. Traditional IT Management is expensive and no longer fits the needs of modern companies. That’s why we are thinking of Primo as an “operating system for IT.”

explained Primo co-founder Nicolas Nallet.

Primo’s core product centres around four key axes:

– Deploy: a free tier that allows employers to equip their teams with the hardware equipment they need on a flexible lease basis.

– Configure: an integrated mobile device management solution that allows for remote management, monitoring, configuration, and security of devices.

– Support: IT support + insurance. Primo directly handles all computer incidents.

– Secure: Antivirus solutions and end-point detection and response services that cover all external security needs.

“If there’s something that SMBs don’t have the time or resources to solve, that’s IT. Primo’s founding team, with their extensive product experience, is uniquely positioned to solve this issue for millions of SMBs. They are approaching the space with the right motivation and bringing a fresh, modern experience to the market with no equal in Europe”,

Angel investor Bill Tyndall, co-founder of New York-based unicorn company, which manages IT and IT support for teams via a SaaS app, commented.

According to the company, by the end of the year it will count 300 customers, including Dalma, Beebs and Cohort and, if all goes to plan, will result in an ARR of $2 million.

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