In a preview version of Windows 11, Microsoft Teams users will now be able to use Designer, a Canva-like app, to create designs for presentations, posters, digital cards and more, TechCrunch reports. Designer accepts text prompts or uploaded images and uses DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s text-to-image artificial intelligence, to create conceptual designs.

The idea for the artificial intelligence tool was presented back in October last year. New features, including creating captions and animated previews, appeared in April, and Microsoft promised more to come – like advanced editing features.

There are more features to be released. One of them is a community discovery feature that will be released in the coming days on Windows 11, iOS and Android. It allows Teams users to join communities focused on topics such as parenting, gaming, gardening, technology, and telecommuting.

In a related update, members of communities in Teams can now record videos from their mobile devices using a new capture experience with updated filters and tagging tools. On iOS, community owners can scan and invite emails or phone numbers from an online document, paper directory or other list using their phone’s camera.

New and different features are coming out as Teams continues to grow, supported primarily by remote and hybrid working trends.

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