Less stereotyping and good mentoring will help women reach their potential in IT careers

Women in positions in the technology industry face disparate treatment of the genders and, in particular, lower pay compared to the pay for the work of a man in the same position, TechRepublic reports.

This does not prevent women from succeeding in developing their potential in the field of technology. A number of factors that help women succeed in the tech industry actually benefit the entire company, regardless of the gender of the employees.

In honor of Women’s Month, several tech leaders share how they can help women make a career in tech. They also share about the challenges facing women in the tech industry.

According to SRP (a technology modernization company), 73% of women in technology have faced male gender bias in the past year (February 2023 to February 2024).

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women accounted for 35% of all employees in computer systems design and related services in January 2024.

Data from Statista indicates that the share of women who are technology leaders is gradually increasing worldwide. In 2022 and 2023, women leaders in the tech world are 14%.

Discrimination against women in technology

“Stereotypes persist, which perpetuate outdated standards that hinder women’s advancement in the industry — like those around child or elder care,” said Bhavani Vangala, Onymos Vice President of Engineering.

She also adds that women, for historical reasons, are considered housewives and this belief prevails in the workplace.
Women may feel discriminated against because there is a belief that it is difficult to see a woman in a leadership position.

How can business leaders increase career opportunities for women in technology?

Some of the most significant components to increasing career opportunities for women in technology are:

  • Pay transparency – in this way, the difference in pay between men and women will be made public. Understanding that there is a gender pay gap can lead to its elimination.
  • Focus on retaining talented employees. According to Randy Weitzman, CEO of Robert Half, if employers support the talent that women possess, companies will be on the path to creating an equal work environment.
  • Training and providing a mentor – According to Wangala, mentoring and educational programs for women in the workplace will promote the advancement of women in technology.
  • Active listening and encouraging communication – When employees feel heard, they know their feedback matters.
  • Flexibility – According to Weitzman, this is the ability to choose to work remotely or in an office. The group WeAreTechWomen adds that telecommuting improves work-life balance. This convenience will help companies retain and attract talent.

In conclusion, gender equality will allow companies to have a wider selection of talent. In addition, the utility and efficiency of the manufactured products will also increase.

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