Alchemy is launching a new tool that will give developers the ability to create web3 apps faster, the company told TechCrunch.

The tool, “create-web3-dapp,” will help creators launch their app within four minutes, noted Elan Halpern and Vito Rivabella, product managers at Alchemy.

The tool will be compatible with blockchains supported by Alchemy, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and others, Rivabella noted. He added that it plans to include other protocols and software development kits in the future.

According to Halpern, one of the biggest barriers for developers who create, test and want to release an app is their end-to-end setup.

“Developers needed basic tools and resources to build a dApp,”

he adds.

The tool is a basic template, so any application – from DeFi exchanges and swaps to analytics platforms and NFT markets – can be created using it, Halpern noted.

While it’s not exactly for people without technical knowledge, it expands the possibilities for both experienced and novice developers to start a full-fledged dApp just by following its setup questions.

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