Grandmasters shared the first prizes in Accedia Masters, which became clear from Accedia, regarding the chess tournament between grandmasters and IT specialists, which took place last Saturday (15.05.2021)

The extremely contested 9-rounds long battle led to a point draw at the top between 4 chess players – Ivan Cheparinov, Vasil Spasov, Momchil Nikolov and the coach of our national team, Petar Arnaudov. Eventually, first place was awarded to Ivan Cheparinov. Fifth place in the ranking was taken by the 13-year-old Nikola Kanov.

The Accedia Masters tournament was organized for the 1st year by Accedia, with the support of the Bulgarian Chess Federation 1928. It aims to improve avid chess fans in the field of IT by giving them the opportunity to play and learn from the best professionals in the world. 

The idea for the tournament came from Georgi Peltekov, Engineering Director at Accedia, who has been a keen chess fan years. He found a strong connection between chess and technologies, so he decided to combine the two in Accedia Masters. The event creates conditions both for popularization of the ancient game among professionals and for growth of our young talents.

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