GitHub has announced that Copilot for Business is now generally available after a short beta phase that began last December.

Copilot for Business adds features such as license management, organization-wide policy management, and additional privacy features. And if you’ve previously had to work with the GitHub sales organization to sign up for the business version, there’s now a self-service option as well.

“We announced the preview in June 2021 — which feels like ages ago — and then had the general availability last summer. Now we are ready to roll it out to organizations, companies, teams, enterprises — really everybody. In fact, we already have more than 400 organizations that are on Copilot for Business at launch and we see tremendous interest.”

said GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke.

GitHub also announced that Copilot now supports proxy connections, including those with self-signed certificates, and that Copilot’s AI-powered code completion tool is now powered by an enhanced model that is powered by OpenAI.

As the model has improved, the team has added new features, including ones such as “fill the middle,” in which the model can not only complete the line but also start adding words to the middle because it knows what comes before and after the current cursor position, for example. Domke noted that in order to do this, the model also looks at the related files you’re working on, and then uses that information to compose its queries for the model as well.

But that’s not all. Domke noted that the team is constantly working to improve latency. GitHub data shows that developers quickly become restless when Copilot takes too long to generate their code.

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