Mozilla believes that the high-tech industry has put profits above people. This is the reason for the creation of Mozilla Ventures, a $35 million venture capital fund that will finance early-stage startups producing products and technologies that promote values such as privacy, inclusion, transparency and human dignity.

“Many people say the tech industry has lost its soul. Some even say it’s impossible to make it better. My response: We won’t know unless we try, together”,
Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman said in a blog post.

“Mozilla Ventures is about fueling companies and products that put people before profits and it’s about fueling enough of these companies and products that we can ultimately push the internet in a better direction”,
he continued.

According to Mozilla, its venture arm will initially invest in companies that protect privacy, decentralize digital power, build more trustworthy AI, and have big potential for commercial success. Companies receiving initial investments from the venture fund include:

  • Secure AI Labs (SAIL), which uses advanced security and AI technology to keep patient data secure and advance medical collaboration. It aims to advance bioinformatics research and innovation with a platform that allows faster, more secure access to data.
  • Block Party, a social media safety app designed for the realities of online harassment. It allows individuals who experience regular harassment to safely engage in public conversation on social media by setting their own content boundaries.
  • Heylogin, a ‘swipe-to-login’ password management solution designed for businesses. Primarily aimed at SMEs, the app charges per user and allows businesses to manage shared passwords and individual accounts.
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