IGT Solutions (IGT) won several accolades at the ’17th Annual Global Top Ranking Performers Awards APAC’ organized by ContactCenterWorld – the world’s largest contact center association.

IGT represented Tokopedia as its CX (Customer Experience) partner for ‘Tokopedia Care’ and received top honors for its innovative approach to digital CX.

“These awards are a testament to the strong relationship between IGT and Tokopedia. Both organizations are striving towards a shared vision of enhancing and improving customer experiences by amalgamating human intelligence and digital technologies”,
said Vipul Doshi, CEO of IGT Solutions.

“We hold three core values called ‘3DNA,’ of which ‘Focus on Consumer’ is one. One way we manifest this is through Tokopedia Care, available 24/7 to help address consumers’ questions and concerns, which positions our consumers as some of our most important partners. Thus, these awards are testaments to Tokopedia Care and IGT Solutions’ strong collaboration in providing the best customer service for Indonesians. We also hope that these awards can advance the extent of collaboration and innovation between Tokopedia and IGT Solutions to develop Tokopedia Care into the mainstay of Indonesia’s customer service”,
said Rudy A. Dalimunthe, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations & Product, Tokopedia.

The company’s successes at the ContactCenterWorld global awards in 2022 include:
Gold medals for:

  • Individual Award – Best Client Service Manager (outsource only)
  • Team Award – Best Client/Account Management Team
  • Team Award – Best Customer Service Team

And Runner-Up Medal for Individual Award – Best Contact Center Trainer.

Every year, over 2000 CX experts from 80+ countries compete in 50+ individual, team, and company award categories for a chance to win a prestigious ContactCenterWorld global award.

IGT Solutions is a next-gen customer experience company that defines and delivers transformative experiences for global brands. It does this by using innovative digital technologies and by combining digital and human intelligence.

Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company, has a mission to achieve digital economic equality.



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