Atanas Raykov takes over as Vice President Key Markets at Rakuten Viber, becoming part of the company’s top management.

This position will give him direct influence on global decisions related to the company’s technology, product and strategic development. His focus remains on Viber’s growth and development of business teams in all key markets around the world.

With almost ten years of experience in the field of technology and telecommunications in Bulgaria, Atanas started working at Viber in 2015 as a general manager for Central and Eastern Europe. For the eight years of his career at Viber, part of the Japanese e-commerce & fintech conglomerate Rakuten, Atanas has been internally promoted four times.

The first promotion added new responsibilities related to global telecom partnerships; the second one involved taking on markets in MENA, then CIS, Ukraine, Western Europe, and the US between 2017 and 2021. In 2022, he was promoted to the global position of Senior director, becoming responsible for the growth in all key Viber markets worldwide, including Asia.

Atanas sees the future of Viber as a super app, providing a universal end-to-end experience. In the coming years the company will be actively working on adding more features related to democratizing the connection between businesses of all sizes and consumers. The overall experience will become more efficient, more accessible and more automated.

Payment via the fintech Viber Pay application, already launched in Greece and Germany, is also part of the vision to provide as many conveniences in one application as possible and will be central to the company’s strategic development.

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