Located on the Black Sea coast, the Albena resort combines a unique combination of sea, sand, greenery and tranquility. This idyllic paradise, called the “Valley of Spring” by the ancient Thracians and “Geranium” – health, by the Romans, symbolizes health and youth. For more than 50 years Albena has been a favourite holiday destination for millions of tourists around the world, thanks to its golden sand, endless beach, calm and beautiful sea, clean air, cosy hotels and traditional Bulgarian hospitality.

The combination of all this is the reason why the resort of Albena was chosen to host the summer edition of Java2Days 2023 from 27 to 29 June. An event that combines the useful with the pleasant and an event that has no analogue.

The resort has been awarded a Green Oscar for its remarkable contribution to the environment. Albena is committed to sustainability, investing in energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling, and smart resource use. The company has built a local circular economy with biogas, agricultural production, and waste utilization. Additionally, Albena participates in two projects within the European Innovation Program Horizon 2020, focusing on sustainable energy development.

Join at Java2Days 2023 and enjoy the enriching combination of cutting-edge Java discussions in the breathtaking surroundings of Albena Resort. You will create memories of sun, sea, warmth, and nature, while exploring the future of Java in a sustainable and eco-friendly setting.

Register here now and be part of this unforgettable experience.

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