NIVEA enters the world of NFTs to explore the value of touch. Based on the belief that touch should be accessible to all, NFTs are offered for free. Temporarily visual impaired artist uses touch to create digital artwork.

With the “Value of Touch”, NIVEA wants to bring attention to the power of touch, using NFTs to discuss the value society currently attributes to it, and to spark a discussion about how touch can be valuable and powerful, even if freely available to all.

The artist behind NIVEA’s NFT art piece is Clarissa Baldassarri. She is an Italian visual artist who suffered from temporary visual impairment early on in her career as a painter. The limitations she experienced inspired her to rediscover art through what she calls a conscious touch.

NIVEA’s NFT art will be minted on Polygon and will be available as a limited edition for free via a dedicated NIVEA website.

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