Jensen Huang headlines the Artificial Intelligence Conference in Stockholm, and the Berzelius supercomputer is upgraded with 94 NVIDIA DGX A100 systems.

More than 600 entrepreneurs, developers, researchers and executives from across Scandinavia flocked to Stockholm’s elegant Sergel Hub conference center on Tuesday in another sign of the strength of the region’s AI ecosystem.

The highlight: a wide-ranging conversation between NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and Swedish industrialist Markus Wallenberg that explored the intersections of AI, green computing and the broader tech scene in Scandinavia.

“This phenomenon of generative AI is creating a whole bunch of new startups, new ideas, new editing of video, of images, of text. It can achieve capabilities that previous computing platforms couldn’t.”

Huang said

Maximum efficiency, minimum impact

The increasing use of electricity is one of the causes of global warming, and powerful and energy-efficient computers are critical to combating climate change through green computing.

Huang explained that whether it is data centers or the latest smartphone, computer chips, systems and software must be designed and used to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Sweden’s role in artificial intelligence

The upgrade comes at a time when AI is driving change in every industry around the world, and leaders from all Nordic countries are accelerating the growth of some of the world’s most powerful AI solutions, Wallenberg explained.

“From a foundation perspective, we are trying to work to improve Sweden by promoting the areas of research, technology and medicine. We work together as a team to create opportunities and foundations for more work.”

said Wallenberg, whose family has been deeply involved in the country’s economy for generations.

Knowledge from data

Solving problems requires reliable, physically accurate data. The industrial metaverse, in which digital twins of real factories, rail networks or retail stores can be created, is already being used by major companies such as Amazon, BMW, Ericsson and Siemens.

Following the conversation between Huang and Wallenberg, Staffan Truve, CTO and co-founder of cybersecurity company Recorded Future, spoke about how data can be used to model intelligence as a digital twin to get a holistic view of threats and targets.

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