The subscription will begin rolling out next week.

The rumors were true: Facebook’s parent company Meta is preparing to launch a Twitter Blue-like subscription service called Meta Verified. On Sunday morning, Mark Zuckerberg took to his newly launched broadcast channel to share the news.

He said the subscription service will give users a blue badge, additional impersonation protection, and direct access to customer service.

“This feature is about enhancing the authenticity and security of our services.”

Zuckerberg said

He added that Meta will test the subscription first in Australia and New Zealand before rolling it out to other countries. Meta Verified will cost $15 per month when users subscribe through the company’s iOS and Android apps. On the web, where app store commissions don’t apply, the service will cost US$12 per month. The subscription will cover Instagram and Facebook accounts, Engadget wrote on the subject.

Users will have to meet certain eligibility requirements before they can sign up for Meta Verified. Specifically, the company told Engadget that the subscription will only be available to users aged 18 or older.

Meta will also require potential subscribers to share a government-issued ID that matches the name and profile picture on their Facebook or Instagram account. Once verified, you can’t change your account name, username, date of birth or photo without going through the verification process again. Accounts that were verified prior to today’s announcement due to their notoriety will remain verified.

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