A Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been created by the House of Representatives, TechCrunch announced. It will “ensure America continues leading in this strategic area,” spokesman Mike Johnson stated in a press release.

“AI has the capability of changing our lives as we know it. The question is how to ensure AI benefits society instead of harming us. As a recovering Computer Science major, I know this will not be an easy or quick or one-time task, but I believe Congress has an essential role to play in the future of AI. I have been heartened to see so many Members of Congress of all political persuasions agree”, said representative Ted Lieu.

A task force in this area shows that Congress is paying attention to a key area that is a priority for tech investment. This comes at a time when the majority view AI and technology are running circles around lawmakers.

The task force consists of twelve members who are representatives of important legal commissions, appointed by Speaker Mike Johnson and Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries. Also, the members of the group are experts in the field of AI. Political representative Jay Obernolte was elected Chairman of the task force.

“As new innovations in AI continue to emerge, Congress and our partners in federal government must keep up. House Republicans and Democrats will work together to create a comprehensive report detailing the regulatory standards and congressional actions needed to both protect consumers and foster continued investment and innovation in AI,” said representative Jay Obernolte.

He believes that while making plans for the future, an important goal of Congress should be to continue promoting innovation, maintain America’s competitive advantage in this area, and focus on protecting national security. In addition, Congress, will need to establish mechanisms that will guarantee the development of safe technology.

The task force Chair summarized that the US is among the leaders in the area of the development of AI, and that hard work must be done to ensure that AI realizes its enormous potential to improve the lives of people in the US.

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