Snap and Meta are being sued by a mother whose child passed in July last year.

She claims that Snap’s Snapchat and Meta’s Instagram are being partly responsible for her daughter’s death – 11-year-old Selena Rodriguez.

The lawsuit, reported by Engadget, alleges that the reason for Selena’s suicide is because of “Selena’s addictive use of and exposure to defendants’ unreasonable dangerous and defective social media products.” 

It also claims that the platforms “have invested billions of dollars to intentionally design their products to be addictive and encourage use that they know to be problematic and highly detrimental to their users’ mental health.”

Although, Snap couldn’t comment on active litigation, in an emailed statement, a company’s  spokesperson said:

“We are devastated to hear of Selena’s passing and our hearts go out to her family”.

However, Meta didn’t comment on the situation immediately.

Tammy Rodriguez is requiring for a trial by a jury. She is also looking for a relief for the past physical and mental pain and suffering of Selena and the loss of enjoyment of life.

Also, an order is sought with the aim to “stop the harmful conduct alleged herein, remedy the unreasonably dangerous algorithms in their social media products” It is also demanding for providing warnings to minor users and their parents.

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