In the next five articles we will discuss Software development in 2021 and beyond.
More precisely we will speak about how we can help grow and support developer talent, how to improve developer inclusivity and how to help engineering teams scale out through open source and low-code tools.

Today’s topic will be related to the high demand for developers

More and more successful companies are starting to understand that digital transformation is not just simply adding technology, but also supporting their workers to continuously develop and generate value through deep customer experiences and positive interactions.

In fact, digital skills, including programming and digital marketing, are amongst the fastest-growing skills on LinkedIn since the COVID-19 hit.

Meanwhile a lot of organizations are struggling to hire IT professionals and digital skillsets continue to increase rapidly. According to LinkedIn, employers are now looking for different professional skills than before the pandemic because the global developer shortage reduces the pace of development and digitalisation.

To achieve better goals and remain up to date with the innovations we must make technical learning more accessible to anyone who wants to pursue a career as a developer. This is now a top priority because the current pandemic and the following economic crisis leave a lot of people unemployed so that they have to seek new opportunities.

Research shows that 70% of workers moving into emerging fields like product development, and data come from outside of those roles. New training programs are needed to ensure that employees are well-prepared for their upcoming professional tasks.

For instance, Microsoft has already created a global skills initiative to help bring more digital skills to 25 million people around the world through data, free learning content, low-cost certifications and job-seeking tools.

So keep your head up and your eyes open for the new IT generation!

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