Europe makes significant progress in humanoid robots

Humanoid robot company 1X Technologies, based in Mountain View, California, has raised $100 million in Series B funding with participation from Swedish venture capital firm EQT Ventures.

The company was able to raise more than $125 million in less than a year after raising $23.5 million in Series A2 funding from OpenAI and Tiger Global in early 2023.

This funding will support the production of safe and advanced androids at commercial scale. 1X Technologies’ biggest goal to date is to meet global employee needs.

The funds will also support 1X’s corporate customers in logistics and security.

NEO – the new home assistant

Meet NEO

The humanoid robot company has intentions to use the new capital, for its second generation Android NEO. Designed as a bipedal humanoid, NEO has a mission to help with everyday domestic activities.

The company asserts that what distinguishes NEO from other humanoid robots is its gentle and inherently secure design. In contrast to industrial machines, NEO is devoid of pinch-points or potential hazards, aligning with our dedication to providing a secure and user-friendly Android for consumers.

This focus on safety is crucial in bringing our vision to fruition, aiming to introduce a dependable and practical android into everyday life.

NEO’s soft construction resembling human features makes it safer and more comfortable than other robots. With a head, arms and legs similar to our own, NEO interacts with the world in a familiar way, performing activities such as walking, grasping objects and expressing emotions through facial cues.

Although NEO finds application in various sectors such as security, logistics, manufacturing, machine control and complex task management, its overall vision extends to becoming a valuable home assistant.

Envisioned for a long-term role in performing activities such as cleaning and organizing, NEO aims to integrate seamlessly into home life, increasing convenience and support for users.

While the company’s EVE android is currently working in logistics and guarding serving the enterprise market, NEO will be introduced into domestic environments, entering the household market first. It is on a fast track to market release and will be launched and available for consumers to pre-order within a short time.

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