Alfred Kelly, CEO of Visa, said in a Fortune’s Leadership Next podcast that the payment processing company is ready to facilitate bitcoin purchases as well as spending functionality.

This will allow you to purchase bitcoin with Visa credentials to ensure the reliability of the cryptocurrency, which can be converted into fiat currency and immediately withdrawn from anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. For reference – they are 70 million!

Visa is working hard to gain the role of an intermediary in bitcoin financial transactions, which increasingly seems to be gaining mainstream acceptance. Visa also plans to use Stablecoin. The company acknowledges that bitcoin, as well as stable coins, has serious potential to become a major means of payment. You can also share, you can contact about 35 partners to connect with stable coins.

According to The BTC Times, this refers to a partnership with a company behind USDC stablecoin, Circle. Visa will integrate USDC into its infrastructure and allow credit card issuers to use USD Coin on their platforms.

Visa has also launched a pilot test of its API designed to allow banks to offer services, connect to bitcoin and other digital assets.

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