From now on our homes have officially acquired the ability to be multifunctional. Living rooms are now doubling as yoga studios, movie theatres, and makeshift classrooms. The kitchen counter has become a remote office desk. Living in this ‘new normal’ has required us to become more creative about how to fit our daily routines into limited spaces.

The representatives of SAMSUNG believe that appliances must be designed beautifully to satisfy the tastes of our trendy, discerning customers; they must have flexible features so that they can be fit to each user’s unique lifestyle needs; they must be connected, not just for connectivity’s sake, but to truly streamline and enrich the home management experience. This is their vision for appliances in the Bespoke Home.

Designed for You

To begin with, refrigerators will have personalized design, with interchangeable panels available in many colours and finishes. The fridges also have a sleek, flat-front design that gives them a built-in appearance.

With glass and steel finishes, we are being introduced to the all-new model, the 4-Door Flex, as well as the 1-Door Column and the Bottom-Mount Freezer (BMF) types.

But hold on a second! They aren’t stopping with just the kitchen! The customizable Bespoke design philosophy is coming to appliances throughout the home – giving you more freedom to decide what your appliances will look like.

Flexible for You

The Bespoke refrigerator is very flexible. It has a modular design that allows you to pick and choose the size and style of the unit, as well as flexible temperature controls for different compartments that let you control how you store your food.

A New Vision for the Home

Bespoke Home vision will be made up on May 11. They will be showcasing our existing products that have been evolved with new features and functionalities, as well as presenting some completely new products and services. As Bespoke and Samsung say: “The world has changed so much over the past year, and it is time for our appliances to catch up.”.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International