On Monday Apple became the first company which hit a $3 million market valuation. The company’s shares reached $182.88, which is a goal that no company has achieved at this moment. A Reuters’s report says that according to some investors Apple will keep launching top-quality products. Not only that but the company is also expected to dive deeper in the VR world.

However, while Microsoft is still at its $2.5 trillion, Apple has reached the $3 million mark. When it comes to some other companies, Google, along with Amazon and Tesla are at a market valuation of more than $1 trillion.

Apple has tripled its value for only four years. Four years ago, the company reached the $1 trillion mark. A CBS report says that in August 2020, the company reached the $2 trillion marks.

According to the report, Tim Cook’s vision is the main reason for this growth. In his opinion, the company should focus on its services rather than its hardware. The interesting part is that now, the services of Apple are worth $1.5 trillion which is exactly half of the company’s total value.

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