A giant company like Amazon always has to make innovations in their politics and technology. This week’s events around the company are:

Amazon Switched Compression from Gzip to Zstd for Own Service Data

A tweet from Adrian Cockcroft, former VP at Amazon, recently highlighted the benefits of switching from gzip to Zstandard compression at Amazon and triggered discussions in the community about the compression algorithm. Other large corporations, including Twitter and Honeycomb, shared interesting gains using zstd.

AWS DataSync Discovery Preview Edition Supports Automated Data Collection and Storage Recommendation

Amazon is announcing the public preview of AWS DataSync Discovery. This new feature of AWS DataSync enables users to better understand on-premises storage usage through automated data collection and analysis, quickly identify data to migrate, and evaluate recommended AWS Storage services for data.

Amazon Announced Promotion Feature in Its Personalize Service

Amazon web services (AWS) has recently announced a promotion feature in personalize to explicitly recommend specific items based on business rules.

AWS Glue Now Supports Crawler History

AWS recently launched support for histories of AWS Glue Crawlers, which allows the interrogation of Crawler executions and associated schema changes for the last 12 months.

Amazon Is Adding Visual Conversation Builder for Amazon Lex

Amazon is introducing the Visual Conversation Builder for Amazon Lex, a drag and drop interface to visualize and build conversation flows in a no-code environment. The Visual Conversation Builder greatly simplifies bot design

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