The Android development team has announced the latest version of Android Studio. This update aims to improve app performance and battery life, make it easier to update apps to the latest version of Android, and speed up development using Jetpack Compose.

The release, known as Android Studio Hedgehog, is designed to boost developer productivity, according to the company in a blog post.

The App Quality Insights feature incorporates Android status data from the Google Play Console in addition to the Firebase Crashlytics SDK. This enhancement allows users to analyze
crash reports for any app published to the Google Play Store without additional tools.

The App Quality Insights tool window now empowers users to effortlessly observe, filter, and tackle Android vitals issues. You can gain valuable insights into crashes and navigate seamlessly from stack trace to code, ensuring swift issue resolution.

Furthermore, the newly introduced Power Profiler in Android takes device power consumption analysis to a whole new level. It provides in-depth insights by segmenting information into “Power Rails,” surpassing the capabilities of the previous Energy Profiler. With direct measurement of power consumption, users can now achieve a more precise understanding of the relationship between power usage and app actions, enhancing overall performance.

This feature allows easy identification and resolution of power consumption issues through A/B tests, optimizing apps for better battery and thermal performance. Access Power Rails data on Pixel 6+ devices running Android 10+. Additionally, the SDK Upgrade Assistant in Android Studio Hedgehog simplifies targetSdkVersion upgrades with a user-friendly, documentation-integrated wizard, minimizing time and effort.

Hedgehog introduces support for upgrading projects to Android 14 (API Level 34) and includes enhanced relevance filters to eliminate unnecessary steps. The upgrade assistant can precisely identify code sections where changes are required, further simplifying the upgrade process.

In addition, in this version the IntelliJ platform has been upgraded to version 2023.1.

Additional updates include UI improvements, device mirroring, an embedded layout inspector, and more.

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