The internet browser Opera develops a feature that makes the TikTok feed equivalent to the mobile app. The new function was announced two days ago and it’s ready to be used. The newest adaptation will help all the user to stop the boring scrolling through the app

People love TikTok for so many reasons. From an entertainment standpoint it’s hard to match – so much content all the time! But we know you also enjoy TikTok for other reasons as well, like following the news, catching emerging trends, and watching tutorials or lectures.

With a mobile-only configuration of TikTok, that situation has “dropped phone” written all over it. Perhaps you’re watching a correspondent deliver his update on the latest news – something you’d prefer to view on a bigger screen as you multitask at your desk? Or maybe you’re just in bed watching funny videos, but for the life of you, you just don’t want to hold onto that phone any longer. Well, today’s release makes Opera the only browser to offer a way to enjoy TikTok without opening a separate app or having to search through tabs.

Enabling the TikTok feature in Opera Browser

If you already use Opera Browser, you can enable TikTok by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the Opera sidebar and enabling it in the Messengers section of the sidebar. If you’re not an Opera user – we hope we’ve convinced you by now to become one. Go download Opera Browser! Once you’ve completed that simple step, it’s all done: you can start enjoying your favorite TikTok content from right there within Opera.

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