We all remember the big success of one of the most famous games, inspired by Pokemon. Pokemon “Go” was a real hit among younger people who were really excited about the experience the game gave them.

Now the creator of “Pokemon Go” is taking the use of AR technology to a whole new level. Niantic is now partnering up with Fold in order to launch a brand new Bitcoin-hunting AR game.

According to the story by www.metro.co.uk , the game could be similar,but this time, players’ task will be looking for Bitcoin instead of Pokemon. There aren’t piles of information yet, but news has already started to open out.

As we all know, Niantic is the studio that was behind one of the most popular games – ‘Pokemon Go’. However, the game’s aim is to let people hunt for BitCoins in the real world. Probably, now most of you are wondering how the game actually works.

These days metaverse is one of the most commented topics in our tech world, so the new game’s creators are using it to create a ‘Bitcoin metaverse’, where users can discover and collect Bitcoin along with other prizes through the app.

In every 10 minutes, there is a block whoch contains a prize that will be dropped around the vicinity of a certain player. By claiming the block, users will be able to earn “Satoshis” which is considered to be the smallest unit of measurement for Bitcoin.

At that moment the application has already given an opportunity for its users to earn Bitcoin through buying coffee, paying bills, going shopping, and even through paying taxes. Fold, however, revealed that it had actually already started launching a limited beta version for the Bitcoin-hunting AR game within its own app on November 23.

The complete experience is expected to drop in 2022.

Will Reaves, who is a CEO of Fold, shared that this may be the easiest and the most fun way for people to get their very first Bitcoin. He also said that anyone could use their app in order to earn Bitcoin as well as other rewards through exploring the world around the users.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International