Swedish start-up Stilride has partnered with another space innovation start-up, I.S.A.A.C, to explore the possibilities of applying its technology in space, and has been named as one of the partners in a project being developed by electric car company Polestar, which aims to create the world’s first climate-neutral car, tech.eu reports.

Stilride may be starting out by producing an electric motorcycle, but the company clearly has aspirations that are literally out of this world.

“The team at Adaxis has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in robotics and optimising robotic construction, so it’s great to have them on board to strengthen the capabilities of our tech,”

said Stilride co-founder and CEO Jonas Nvyang.

Thanks to a partnership announced today with French-Swedish robotics company Adaxis, the company will no longer need to source components, including hinges, fenders, and side covers, from outside suppliers.

“Not only will their technology improve the sustainability, speed, and cost-efficiency of producing the SUS1, but it will also help us reach our ultimate goal of rolling out a fully distributed production model where the construction of our products can be fully automated, powered by robotics technology.”

Jonas Nvyang continued.

Not only does this mean Stilride will be able to manufacture a number of these parts in-house, with Adaxis’ software allowing engineers to program a robotic arm to quickly 3D print large and complex parts, but it will also significantly reduce costs and material wastage, as well as possibly increasing quality control.

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