YouTube is now rolling out Shorts to all creators in the US, and it comes with a couple of new features.

YouTube announced the rollout in a recent Creator Insider video and highlighted all the new features coming with the update. As per the video, all creators in the US will have access to Shorts within the next week. Creators will also get access to a few new Shorts camera features, including 60-second video support, new filters and effects, captions, and a new Shorts tab in the YouTube app for mobile.


With YouTube Shorts rolling on your device, you’ll be able to see a new 60-second recording option in the Shorts Camera, along with the existing 15-second option. However, the 60-second video option won’t support music from the YouTube library. Therefore, if you use music from the YouTube library, your videos will be capped at 15 seconds. Creators will also see new filters and effects in the Shorts camera to help them easily color correct or change the look of their videos. This feature will include a limited number of filters and effects at launch, but YouTube plans to add more in the coming months.


Caption support in YouTube Shorts will automatically add captions to all videos, but creators will get the option to add captions manually. Viewers will also get a new option to toggle between the automatic and manual captions. Finally, YouTube is getting a new Shorts tab on the mobile app. The new tab will appear in the bottom bar in place of the Explore tab, which will get a new spot in the top left corner of the app.

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