has recently unveiled the enterprise version of its renowned dependency management tool, Renovate. This offering, known as Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition, brings forth a plethora of premium features, including unlimited server scalability and dedicated support, to cater to the evolving needs of businesses.

“Keeping dependencies up to date is one of the most effective ways to reduce technical debt and avoid software vulnerabilities, especially as most companies rely heavily on external dependencies. Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition offers a commercially supported version of Renovate built with the power to help developers handle enterprise-scale needs”, said Rhys Arkins, vice president of product at

Renovate plays a crucial role in safeguarding the security and up-to-date status of applications. It achieves this by conducting comprehensive scans of software to detect external dependencies and automating the process of updating them to the latest versions. has pointed out that, although the free Renovate Community Edition and Renovate CLI are effective for smaller development setups, they may lead to delays for enterprises managing a significant number of repositories. To address this challenge, the Renovate Enterprise Edition steps in with a solution. It offers the advantage of unlimited horizontal scalability for server resources, allowing organizations to seamlessly manage numerous repositories simultaneously and ensuring developers experience optimal responsiveness.

The Mend Renovate Enterprise offers a wide array of advantages, such as automated dependency updates, enhanced interactivity, decreased technical debt, improved code quality, and more.

Both Mend Renovate Enterprise Edition and Mend Renovate Community Edition are self-hosted container-based applications, granting organizations the control they need to meet stringent internal security requirements.

Both editions are equipped with a job scheduler and webhooks. The job scheduler automates Renovate processes, while webhooks trigger Renovate tasks in response to critical events, such as package file updates or pull request merges.

Mend ensures that Renovate Enterprise consistently integrates the latest features of the open-source Renovate CLI, ensuring a stable and up-to-date version while maintaining reliability.

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