We are looking for a Software Engineer with Database Focus.

Our product revolves around providing our clients with key insights about their data, a cutting-edge forecast, and optimization of their business. As Software Developers, we get to design and create every step of the process from our Data Warehouse, through the complex and challenging but always-interesting client data integration, all the way to presenting our work with a stunning UI to our end users. There is room for innovation on every leg of the journey and we make sure that all voices are heard when making decisions on how to implement something new. There is no endless bouncing from project to project at Transmetrics. Through a continuous integration process, we see our work quickly making a real positive impact on the way customers interact with our software.

We expect you to:

– Be eager to learn the ins and outs of database best practices, design implementations, and data processing;
– Have a broad overview of the entire Software-as-a-Service creation process, as you will be able to quickly find out where your interests lie and either focus your work on a narrower area of expertise or do a bit of everything

Core requirements:

– PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE: A solid understanding of basic database principles and hands-on experience with at least one RDBMS (PostgreSQL being a major plus). Knowledge of good practices when dealing with big data is a plus. Ability to understand and write basic JavaScript, Python, and Java is considered a plus. Knowledge of and basic experience with Unix based OS and any ETL software is needed for a flying start;

– A GOOD TROUBLESHOOTER: Knowing where to find information on why you may be facing an issue is 95% of the battle to fix it. The ability to understand technical documentation and API references guarantees a good start in any software field;

– QUICK LEARNER: Any candidate for this position is guaranteed to learn a lot as their work progresses. The ability to keep an open mind and to be eager to learn new things is of vital importance.

Main responsibilities:

– Develop: As we develop our product further, we constantly have to code new features or improve existing workflows;
– Integrate: Understand general data workflows and integrate them into a new or existing data processing mechanism. Doing so while also keep the code solid and maintainable;
– Learn and Grow: From day one the team is there to help you develop. Gradually we expect new members to start assisting with data integration and feature design as they get more acquainted with the product and the business logic behind it.

How you will spend your time:

70% – Writing code and tests;
10% – Assisting the agile process;
10% – Refactoring;
5% – Reviewing code;
4% – Documenting;
1% – Drinking coffee (or tea).

Work that Matters
You will be building a product that will dramatically optimize the cargo industry – this is our way of “changing the world for the better.”

Competitive Salaries
On top of them, you get 25 days paid annual vacation, flexible working hours, an opportunity to work from home when needed and a convenient office location in the center of Sofia.

Challenging Problems
Be challenged by technically complex problems in the fields of big data, predictive analytics and machine learning.

Awesome People
Learn from a strong international team of 30+ people (majority with a very deep technical background) where you are appreciated and where your opinion matters.

Friendly Atmosphere
Have fun along the way in a dynamic, creative, and friendly atmosphere without the burden of the office politics.

Growing Quickly
Advance your skills and develop yourself in a rapidly growing startup, which is already generating solid revenue and has first-class customers.