Epic Games’ new programming language called “Verse” looks set to displace some of the most popular programming languages including C and C++. This language is a functional-logic language. A declarative language with an unusual structure for static sorting in an open source package like Curry and Mercury.

Many different programming languages can be used to create websites that follow the Web3 specification, and now Verse is one of them.

Let me explain more about Verse…

Verse is based on the idea of the inventor of the Unreal Engine. Like the metaverse, Verse is built outdoors. All documentation, technical specifications, and Epic Games development resources will be freely available to the general public. The open source language will be available to programmers, artists and designers.

Interoperability and fast transactions are two examples of scalable features they want Verse to include. Like Curry and Mercury, the open-source Verse language belongs to the category of functional logic languages, but it does have a unique static type system (types are first-class values). Since nothing is ever evaluated until it is “ready”, Verse can be lenient. The inclusion of call-by-value means it can’t be very permissive (functions can be called before the argument has a value).

Verse’s primary goal is to facilitate the development of social interactions in a shared 3D real-time environment. With the use of operational standards from many game engines such as Unity and real-time updates to current code, Verse’s goal is to provide interoperable content.

Did you know that?

SlashData claims that a record number of Web3 developers (60% or more) have joined the business in the past year, however that is still a very small fraction of the 31.1 million software engineers globally as of Q1 2022. This problem is exacerbated by the paucity of documentation around the programming languages used to develop smart contracts in the Solana and Ethereum blockchains.

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