Astadia announced the FastTrack platform for COBOL to COBOL refactoring. The COBOL to COBOL refactoring solution enables customers to migrate mainframe applications to distributed and cloud platforms without depending on emulation technologies or their legacy environment. It also supports deployments using proprietary cloud service containers.

The goal of Astadia FastTrack COBOL is a fully automated software refactoring platform that provides a comprehensive mainframe-to-cloud migration approach to reduce the duration of a typical transformation project, at less cost.

“Astadia is the only vendor that can refactor COBOL programs to Java, C# and modern COBOL all in the same timeframes and price points. This is market disruptive because for the first time, customers can refactor COBOL to the modern language of their choice, faster and more cost effectively than a traditional COBOL to COBOL lift and shift”,


said Scott G. Silk, Astadia Chairman and CEO.

Astadia’s COBOL to COBOL refactoring solution enables businesses to:

    • – Migrate mainframe applications to distributed and cloud platforms in unprecedented timeframes.
    • – Remain in COBOL, without any emulation.
    • – Dramatically reduce mainframe operating costs.

The Astadia FastTrack COBOL solution will help enterprises accelerate and standardize mainframe migration projects while reducing costs, timeframes, and associated risks. By refactoring mainframe applications, organizations can save up to 80% on operating costs, resolve the diminishing COBOL skills issue, integrate legacy business functions and data with cloud-native applications, gain agility and shorten time to market.

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