Kalin Dimchev, Country Manager Bulgaria at Microsoft and Country Manager Lead in CEE Multi-Country, which includes 24 countries, discussed with us the desperate need for digital skills worldwide and the reason for the company’s initiative to open the doors for 25 million people who will transform the world’s new digital economy.

In the next 5 years, nearly 149 million new jobs will be created in various areas of the digital world, with the main focus on technologies such as Machine Learning, Cloud Technologies and Information Security.

Mr Dimchev spoke about the platforms LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and GitHub Learning and their next steps in the development of a professional workforce.

We also discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the need for digital skills and the need for free training campaigns.

Our team asked Mr Dimchev what are the important professional qualities that can bring success in the new digital economy and what are the technologies that are currently developing and leading us to a new technological future. DevSyleR team also brought a question related to the technologies that currently enable us to “work from everywhere”, how are they going to transform and are they going to permanently remove the classical working barriers? Dimchev also commented what will be the important qualities that can bring success in the new digital economy.

You can find more about the Microsoft campaign, the technological future, the needed skills and the answers to the above-mentioned questions in our interview with Kalin Dimchev, CEO of Microsoft Bulgaria, soon at DevStyler Global.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International