Aleksey Rubtsov is Managing Director of Luxoft Bulgaria, working in management positions in the company for 16 years. During that time he’s been part of the serious development of Luxoft, which makes his views on the successful business model and growth of a company valuable and intriguing.

Mr. Rubtsov, what is the definition of a TOP Software Company?

This is a company that has product or service that is in demand. A team everyone wants to join and a business model that can sustain.

Can a successful business develop in Bulgaria? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of the country?

The plus is good balance of cost and quality of knowledge and skills, while the minus is relatively closed internal labor market making it hard to attract the talents even from EU.

How important is the management of a company in regard of it’s development? What about the team?

The team is crucial for having a product or service in the first place. The management – to build the team and to make sure that all the issues are sorted out and the team can focus on the work.

What is the affect of the coronavirus crises? Why did some companies increase their revenues and others had to restructure their businesses? 

It heavily depends on the area of business. Diverse business gives more chances. Even the best companies in the travel sector cannot feel secure in a world where nobody travels.

What is the right business model for a successful company?

The sustainability of the business is the most important criteria. Investment and growth are great, but the goal is to reproduce value and survive with only what you have right now.

Does the number of employees matter for the successful development of the company?

Big teams help. But there are many examples of successful small software shops where both the investors and the team are happy and wealthy.

What are the tactics used by the top companies for retaining their employees?

The measures are endless. It’s not the list of tools or benefits – it’s the attitude and dedication that the management demonstrates. This keeps people in the company.

Which is more important for customers – a quality product, but more for development or rapid development and a product with potential defects? 

It depends on the client obviously. Modern software development frameworks, Agile Frameworks in particular, can deliver both the speed and the quality, if this is what the client is interested in.

What are the good work processes in a company?

The main factor of a successful internal process is transparent feedback practices. This is when everyone can influence each other and see things are getting better.

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