X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced plans to launch a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment service in 2024. This development is part of their broader strategy to transform X into an ‘everything app’, a concept that aims to combine various user experiences and utilities into a single platform.

The introduction of P2P payments is expected to enhance the functionality of X, creating new opportunities for commerce and showcasing the convenience of integrating multiple aspects of digital life into one place. This move positions X to compete with other established tech firms and financial services, including those like PayPal, which Elon Musk had a role in creating.

X’s focus on becoming an ‘everything app’ is not limited to P2P payments. The platform is also enhancing its user and advertising experience with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This includes improvements in features like See Similar Posts and the introduction of See Dissimilar Posts, leveraging user activity to present content that aligns with or challenges their perspectives.

In addition to financial services, X continues to invest in creators and content partnerships, aiming to attract new users and fuel advertising efforts. The company emphasizes its commitment to being a major platform for influential and curious individuals worldwide, who use it to follow their passions and engage with various cultural events and movements.

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