Neo4j has entered into a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS in a collaboration that aims to improve the performance of generative artificial intelligence by combining knowledge graphs and natural vector search.

“Neo4j has been an AWS Partner since 2013 – with this latest collaboration representing an essential union of graph technology and cloud computing excellence in a new era of AI,” said Sudhir Hasbe, the chief product officer at Neo4j.

“Together, we empower enterprises seeking to leverage generative AI to better innovate, provide the best outcome for their customers, and unlock the true power of their connected data at unprecedented speed”, he added.

The goal of this collaboration is to reduce the hallucinations associated with generative artificial intelligence by making the results more accurate, transparent and explainable. This partnership addresses a common challenge for developers working with LLM by providing a solution for creating long-term memory in LLM grounded in specific enterprise data and domains.

Neo4j’s fully managed graph database, Neo4j Aura Professional, is now accessible on AWS Marketplace. Tailored for generative AI developers, it provides a swift start. The graph database, with native vector search, excels at capturing explicit and implicit relationships, supporting the creation of knowledge graphs. This enhances AI systems’ reasoning and inference capabilities, positioning it as an enterprise database suitable for grounding LLMs and serving as long-term memory.

“At AWS, we remain committed to empowering organizations with a diversity of tools and resources to build generative AI solutions that align with their unique customer experiences, applications, and business requirements. With Neo4j’s graph database and Amazon Bedrock’s integration, we aim to provide customers sophisticated options to deliver more accurate, transparent, and personalized experiences for their end-users in a fully managed manner”, said Atul Deo, the general manager at Amazon Bedrock, AWS.

Neo4j is launching an integration with Amazon Bedrock, enabling seamless access to foundation models from top AI companies through an API. This integration aims to minimize AI hallucinations, enhance personalized experiences, provide comprehensive real-time search results, and initiate knowledge graph creation by structuring unstructured data for loading into a knowledge graph.

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